The Process

  1. Patients come in and fill out paperwork.
  2. Dr. Thompson does an exam to make sure chiropractic will help solve the patient's problems.
  3. Dr. Thompson goes over his findings with the patient, letting them know what he thinks the problem might be.
  4. Dr. Thompson then makes recommendations for which care plans might be best for the patient's situation
  5. He explains how chiropractic works and what it can do for their specific ailments.
  6. Once he tells them all of this information, he makes sure they understand exactly whats going on.
  7. When the patient is OK with everything, he proceeds with treatment.
  8. After treatment, Dr. Thompson recommends coming back within 24-48 hours to make sure patients are getting a release from their pain.
  9. If they aren't improving, Dr. Thompson will send a patient for X-rays so they can be evaluated further.
  10. The first patient visit is $55 and includes treatment.
  11. The practice DOES accept insurance to help with the cost of treatment.