I have been very pleased with the treatment I have received and highly recommend you give Dr. Thompson a try. Chiropractic as changed my life and it can benefit nearly everyone.

I have been seeing Dr. Thompson for a year. Originally it was for lower back pain due to a tubing accident and then I developed severe tension headaches. Dr. Thompson resolved both issues and I still see him regularly for maintance. His communication skills and techniques are amazing and work.


I am the massage therapist in Dr. Thompson's office. He has adjusted me multiple times since he bought the practice. I can say that he does a great job and has brought relief to my neck and lower back. I would recommend him to anyone suffering from body pain.

Theresa S.

I've had two adjustments since Mark purchased the business from my former chiropractor. His techniques are a little different than what I'm used to but I will say he alleviated the pain and tightness I've had for a long time that was under my rib cage. I will continue treatment with Mark. He also takes insurance which is a plus.

Mark S.

If your looking for a doc that is principled in chiropractic and knows technique--look no further!

Tim F.