We Utilize the Latest Chiropractic Techniques

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Whether you’re trying to prevent future injury or are in need of some pain relief, you can count on Thompson Family Chiropractic to provide chiropractic care that meets your unique needs. Our chiropractor stays up-to-date on the latest chiropractic techniques in order to offer the most comprehensive care possible.

He’ll evaluate your unique health needs during your first visit and determine if the Diversified technique is the best approach to your care. This hands-on technique can help you strengthen your spine and correct irregularities in your body that could be causing chronic pain.

Find out if the Diversified technique will work for you by contacting Thompson Family Chiropractic of Chandler.

Diversified technique adjustments in Chandler, AZ

Thompson Family Chiropractic has helped countless patients manage pain and improve their overall well-being using the Diversified technique. This technique is the most commonly used chiropractic technique and involves a high velocity, low-amplitude thrust delivered by hand. If appropriate for your needs, our chiropractor will use this technique to:

  • Correct any misalignments of your spine
  • Promote healing for sports-related injuries
  • Restore full function to your nervous system

Learn more about the Diversified technique by scheduling an appointment with Thompson Family Chiropractic.